Jan 1, 2022 • 1HR 8M

Resistance to Spiritual Experiences & Navigating the Psychedelic Renaissance

With Katrina Michelle

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Ethan Nelson
Becoming Conscious is a podcast about understanding our inner nature and challenging the status quo. On this podcast we discuss nonduality, enlightenment, and self-inquiry as well as freedom, travel and living a fulfilling life. You can check out comprehensive show notes at www.becomeconscious.org
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In this podcast, I’m joined by Katrina Michelle. Katrina is a holistic psychotherapist who practices from a transpersonal and humanistic framework that centers around cultivating psychospiritual growth at both the individual and cultural levels. For her doctoral thesis, she conducted research on Exploring Resistance to Spiritual Emergence, which I found particularly fascinating.

In this conversation, we discuss Katrina’s story, the various types of spiritual resistance, and what to do when the terror/disorientation/crippling experiences arise, creating cultural frameworks to hold various types of spiritual experiences, and the tremendous powers/dangers of psychedelics as a tool for finding (and often losing) meaning in life and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls of psychedelic use.  

Check out Katrina’s film in the making: https://www.whenlighteningstrikes.com/home