Jul 18, 2021 • 1HR 47M

Becoming Cultural Architects w/ Eric Brown

On ontological design, ecology of practices and stewarding DAOs

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Ethan Nelson
Becoming Conscious is a podcast about understanding our inner nature and challenging the status quo. On this podcast we discuss nonduality, enlightenment, and self-inquiry as well as freedom, travel and living a fulfilling life. You can check out comprehensive show notes at www.becomeconscious.org
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Eric Brown is the steward of Phoenix Culture and an all-around fascinating dude. He’s on the leading edge culture design, creating systems for embodied awakening, and truly doing what it takes to combat the meaning crisis.

We Talk About:

  • DAOs

  • top-down and bottom-up stewardship

  • Phoenix Culture

    • the call to action for those who are willing to play the biggest game

    • on designing and enacting a civilization-level transformation so that we can continue to play the human game

    • a collective co-collaborative fusion of the mind and heart

    • what does it take to show up and play the game?

      • the self-actualized man as the scaffold to steward the collective

      • what is stopping some people from showing up and playing?

      • ie: ecology of practices

    • artists as a way to steward the collective towards a bright future

      • to re-enchant life and the globe

      • to create compelling visions of the future

      • the neccessity of them

    • on re-aligning our collective with what we're actually trying to do

      • success?

      • being?

      • heart?

    • Top down control is unnatural.

  1. Create Self-Sovereign individuals ready to become Cultural Architects.

  2. Provide aspiring architects with thetools, technologies, training, culture, contexts, and support they need to continue their evolution and growth towards becoming Architects of Culture.

  • ecologies of practices

    • religious technologies

    • the psycho-technologies, repeatable processes to allow us to transcend our mind and move into being

    • these have been scattered and they are everywhere.

    • phoenix culture = holistic ecology of psycho-technologies

    • Hedonic Engineering: Building a Psycho-Spiritual Growth Stack

    • pheonix culture as the generative step towards the emergence of new religions

      • the religion of tomorrow - ken wilber

      • a decentralized religion based on a new shared metaphysics

  • the myth of the self made man

    • we are all part of systems so how could we individually be the ones that created all our success

  • what are we actually searching for?

    • heart

    • intuition

  • trauma is a lack of completion of an energetic cycle in the body

    • it's not conceptual whatsoever

  • Listen to what life wants to do next. Listen to the calling of my heart. Listen to the rhythm of the cosmos. So I answered the call. I went to a river, sat down, and listened.

  • on intuition and listening to the heart 👆

  • the fear of death / social exclusion

    • and this is entirely based on the definition that you have of yourself

  • creative evolution

    • on the fundamental nature of the creative evolutionary process

    • as the fundamental process of life itself

    • Emergence is not chaos. It’s creative evolution. 🧬

  • open-ended questions

  • what slowing down looks like?

  • how do you steward the collective intelligence towards creative evolution on the individual and collective level within a DAO