Nice article. Vervaeke has been on my radar and in my field for a while but I just finally took the leap to start exploring him more and I'm very inspired so far, about to start the deep dive into his meaning crisis series.

It was nice seeing your exploration of christianity here, I can see some reflections in my own journey; I also lean towards taoism, and part of that is that my dad was raised in catholicism but rejected it early on and found his own way, which included becoming a tai chi teacher. It's been nice starting to read a little bit more about who jesus actually was and looking to find a connection to that in my own way, which also means finding a deeper connection to my own lineage.

You might enjoy some of what my cousin writes, particularly this one he just shared with me.


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Thanks brother. Stoked that you're diving into Vervaeke's Awakening from the Meaning Crisis. This has been by far the most profound listen for me this year.

Thanks for sending your cousin's substack over, I'll give it a look. Yes I'm not a full blown Christian or anything but I find it fascinating to explore the roots of Christianity and to see what I can learn from this tradition that I've vehemently rejected for the vast majority of my life.

Hope you're doing well :)

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