Sitemap - 2021 - Becoming Conscious

The Fantasy of Integral with Susanne Cook Greuter

The Deepest Transformations of a Human Being

Exploring Metaspirituality w/ Ethan Kahn

Holism vs. Fragmentation

Experiencing Greater Degrees of Holism

Responding to Systems Intuitively

A Call for Communities of Humble-Sovereignty

A Holistic Approach to Dating w/ Pierre De Sousa

Beyond Models: Inhabiting Complexity

Advertising is Destroying Our Humanity and there's Nobody to Blame

What is Sovereignty?

Unpacking Victim Mentality 😞

Developing Societies in Support of Wellbeing & Harmony

☯️ Surrendering through Victimhood

We're on the Verge of a Cultural Reclamation of Meaning

Capitalism = Endemic Low Self-Worth

The Earth is Your Playground with Mayah Perez

Grappling with Nothingness, Nihilism and Absolute Groundlessness

Open-Sourced Regenerative Community Building w/ Oscar Correa

πŸ”† On Absolute Trust and the Playfulness of Impermanence πŸ”†

Becoming Cultural Architects w/ Eric Brown

πŸ› Planetary Regeneration through the New Paradigm of Interbeing 🐟

How to Transcend your Current Stage of Development

Can Demurrage Fix our Inherent Survival Anxiety Around Money?

Principles of the Evolutionary Process

You are an Emergent Property of the Whole Universe

How are you making sense of all this?

The Myth of Science and Technology

Progress isn't Technological

A Divided Psyche as the Root Cause of Soldier Suicide


πŸŒ€All of Humanity Falls Within These 5 Simple Stages πŸ“ˆ